What is Digido Loan Philippines?


Digido is a legit and state-licensed online lender. Digido stands out from its competitors with a fully automated online portal and highly innovative, customer-friendly financial solutions.

Digido automated loan lending system makes independent decisions based on each application and transfers money within a few hours. They provide a wide range of loans from 0% interest promotional loans to non-collateral loans of up to PHP 25,000.

As a licensed lender, they adhere to the lending rules and regulations without any compromise. They do not inflate the interest rates to cover the risks of a borrower with bad credit history. Similarly, they don’t indulge in unethical practices such as hidden charges or asking for upfront commissions to exploit the applicant’s vulnerable position.

Digido realizes that not everybody can make loan applications through their online platform or their mobile application. Their banking professionals, with their customer-friendly approach and domain expertise, help such people secure the right loans without any confusion or inconveniences. You can choose your own option to make a loan – come to their office or make a loan on the website.

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Loans Philippines Asked question November 25, 2022