Cookies Policy

In order to allow you to view our Website and to better communicate with you, we use cookies with tracking technologies. We use both our own cookies and third-party cookies.

Here are some other reasons why we may use cookies:

  1. Track functionality. Cookies allow us to track how well our content works and how users interact with it. We use that info to make our content easier to navigate and access.
  2. Personalizing the site. Cookies allow us to gauge your interests and customize the content we show you accordingly.
  3. Analyzing trends. Cookies allow us to see how our website performs. We’re able to analyze what does and doesn’t work well. This allows us to provide the best and most relevant content to our users.
  4. Communicating with customers. Cookies (especially third-party cookies) allow us to quickly communicate with you when necessary.

How long cookies last:

The duration that cookies remain on your device depends on cookie type. There are two types of cookies.

  1. Session cookies only remain on your device until you exit your browser.
  2. Permanent cookies remain on your device until the set expiration of the cookie or until you personally delete them (by erasing your browser history or deleting them through your browser settings).

Our site’s permanent cookies will remain on your device for no longer than six months since you last visit our site.

Third-party cookies may remain on your device for up to 10 years. Visit the links below to learn about the lifespan of third-party cookies:


Though most web browsers accept cookies automatically, they also allow you to block or erase them by changing your preferences. In your browser settings, you may also be able to allow only certain cookies or receive a notification whenever you receive a new cookie. You can also choose to restrict or delete other objects similar to cookies. Please consult your browser’s help menu for additional information. We’ve listed cookies support links for popular browsers below:

When using our Website, we recommend that you allow cookies. Cookies allow you to access certain features of our Website. If you choose to use our Website without cookies, some aspects of the Website may be restricted.

Cookies collected through the Website interface:

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are necessary for us to use in order to provide you access to the Website and its features. If you refuse these cookies, our Website may not operate correctly. However, you can block them or delete them by changing your browser settings as described above.

Cookies that authorize and operate the Site and Service

Analytic Cookies

Analytic Cookies allow us to gather valuable information. They help us see how our Website is being used, how to provide you a more personalized experience, and outcomes to our marketing efforts.

Sourcebuster JS
Cookies that determine where site visitors are referred from
Yandex cookies collect information about your interaction with our Website and tracks attendance rates.
Google Analytics helps us understand interactions with our Website and Service. We gather this information to refine your user experience.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies allow us to show you more relevant ads. They also ensure that ads are displayed properly, don’t appear continuously, and are tailored to your interests.

Google uses these cookies to display personalized advertisements on Google sites, according to your past interactions and searches.
Facebook uses cookies to run advertising campaigns on its social network.
Bings uses these cookies to advertise on 3rd party websites through BingAds Advertising network.
Google AdSense
Google uses these cookies to manage their Internet advertising.

As third-party websites develop cookie services independently of us, we do not and cannot precisely know the technology behind their cookies. In addition to the aforementioned cookies, we acknowledge that listed third parties may use other similar cookies. We encourage you to visit the below websites if you’d like to learn more about their use of cookies.

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Bing
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Yandex Metrica 
  6. Sourcebuster JS

Opting Out of Third-Party Cookies

If you would like to opt out of the following cookies, please visit the links below.

Deactivate Google Analytics Cookies
Deactivate Facebook Cookies

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