How Can I Check If The Loan App Philippines Is Legal?


The SEC has a list of online lending platforms that are legal. This list is on the SEC website, which you can view here. This list is a table, and it is consistently updated by the SEC if there is a new company that has a license or if a company’s license has been revoked.

The table has the following:

• Company name
• Registration number
• CA number
• Online lending applications

The term “online lending applications” refers to the names that the company uses to do business. For example, a company’s formal name 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated, but then the lending apps that they own are:

  • Pesoclick
  • Quickpeso
  • Amihan

Another example is Acom Consumer Finance Corporation—they do business as ACOM – Fast Cash Loan. Simple.

There is a difference between a corporation name and a brand name. It is necessary because companies need a brand name that is easy to remember.

So, if you want to see if the app you are looking at is legal, just consult the table and look for the app. If it is not there, you can be sure that the company is not legal.

The list is arranged alphabetically by the corporate name, not the brand name. We suggest that you press CTRL +F if you want to find the app name on the table.

Here are the types of lists you will find on that page:

• List of revoked licenses for lending companies
• List of revoked licenses for financing companies
• List of suspended licenses for lending companies
• List of suspended licenses for financing companies

You will also see a list of companies that have revoked registrations and a list of revoked lending companies that operate as a partnership.

Below is a list of the current news about illegal mobile apps in the country. We will consistently update this news section so you can come back here often.

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