3 quick tips to effectively get loan cash online at MoneyCat Philippines


In fact, the application for loan cash online at MoneyCat is not difficult to be approved, you just need to note the following points when filling out the loan application:

1. Providing accurate information

Filling in the information is the first and very important step in the online loan application process at MoneyCat or any other online lender. You may waste time applying again because it is invalid or even your application may be rejected if you provide the wrong information or fill out the wrong form. So please correctly fill in your personal information including your name, date of birth, gender, address, workplace, phone number, a bank account in your name, etc. in the registration form.

2. Submit a valid ID

Similar to personal information, your application may also be rejected if you do not satisfy MoneyCat’s requirements for the ID number provided. MoneyCat currently offers loans to those with any of the following IDs – SSS, TIN, UMID, driver’s license, passport or National ID. And the IDs you provide to MoneyCat must be in your name. This is to help MoneyCat identify the borrowers, and their credit history, and see if they meet MoneyCat’s lending criteria, such as being of legal age or being Filipino, residing in the Philippines. etc.

3. Satisfactory photo

This is the third tip to help you complete your loan cash online application at a high success rate. This is an important step to redefine the borrower’s identity and ID number. You need to provide a double-sided photo of any of the four IDs specified by MoneyCat, along with a photo of yourself and the corresponding ID card, and then upload it to MoneyCat for verification. It should be noted that photos taken should be clear, not blurred, properly angled and neither too far nor too close, ensuring your portrait and ID information are visible.

So far, MoneyCat is one of the most popular online loan providers in the market. To facilitate registration and receive a 0% preferential interest rate for the first loan, this article helps you find reasonable loan cash online to solve your urgent financial needs in a short time.

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